Harmony Aikido is a modern martial art that utilizes effective self-defense techniques
to gain complete control of an attacker. It was founded by Jang Eun Yu Sensei, who was a
student under Gozo Shiodo Sensei,who was a student under O Sensei, the founder of Aikido.
Harmony Aikido is at true self-defense martial art in that we do not attack first,but
rather wait to be attacked in order to perform our techniques.

         In Harmony Aikido, there are six basic movements, which are the foundation for all
of the techniques. They are: Circle Power #1 and 2, Ground Power #1 and 2, and United Move-ment #1 and 2. There are also five different powers used in techniques. They are:Ground-Power, Circle Power, Triangle Power, Natural Power,and Mai-ai, which means “timing and distance”. Practicing both the basic movements and powers will enhance one's form and the effectiveness of one's technique.

         Because we seek to gain complete control of our attackers, we have four controls we
can use to do
this:1st control, which is controlling the elbow; 2nd control, which is controll-ing the wrist; 3rd control,which is controlling the last two fingers; and 4th control, which is controlling the radial nerve. While most of our techniques are open-hand
techniques, we also learn weapons. Thereare three weapons: the bokken,which is a wooden
of a samurai sword; the jo, which is a wooden staff; and the tanto, which is a wooden knife. We practice weapons in order to improve our form and aim, and our open-hand techniques.

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